Hey there folks! :D. I do really hope that you will enjoy reading my blog as a whole. This blog is mainly dedicated for the course of Creativity and Innovation held by SBM-ITB.

Within my first post, I am going to describe about my name. My full name is Fikri Hafidz Hasibuan and I will explain to you about the meaning of it. My parents gave me this great name as a big hope for me.

First Name: FIKRI

The word of “Fikri” is actually an Arabic name which actually means “Thought”, “Think”, or “Thinker”. The idea of giving me this first name came from my mom. At that time, she was confused of searching a good name for her new-born son. So, she took a magazine and found an article that has a name index including the meaning of the name. After that, she gave me this name and it was approved by my dad. They hope that I will become a great thinker in the future and solve many problems in Indonesia.

Moreover, this name is exactly what I am right now. I always think heavily before act and doing something. The consequence is that I become a good strategic planner and also find effective and efficient ways for my activities.

Middle Name: HAFIDZ

Similar to my first name, the second name which is “Hafidz” is also an Arabic terminology. Hafidz can be defined as a person who memorized Al-Qur’an. The other definition is the “Keeper” of the world from destruction and obliteration.


Nope, my last name does not come from Arab anymore. It is my family because I come from a Batak ethnic family.

So, that’s all! I wish you enjoy reading my first post :D.


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