Creativity is very important in our whole life because it exists in our daily life and must not be underestimated. It is very useful for our personal, study, and also career & business life.  Some people said that creativity is something natural and come automatically from a person. However, creativity must also be encouraged in the society and our environment.

The creativity itself will then produce and also grasp the best idea and the best implementation of our activities. For example, as a student in SBM-ITB, a person needs to be very creative in presenting his/her material to the others in order to make the audience attracted to the presentation. In the future, the creative presentation is very crucial because business life is full of persuasion if we want to be successful.

Besides for making presentation, a student also requires creativity to solve mathematical problems more efficiently and more effectively. Solving mathematical computation quickly is very important especially for Financial courses such as Financial Analysis and Corporate Finance. Furthermore, a career in Finance will require someone to be a fast thinker in the quantitative environment.

I take examples from SBM-ITB activities deliberately because it is my daily activity and it would be the best if I can write something about that.


According to me, the most creative man that ever lived in the world is Momofuku Ando. He is the inventor of Instant Noodles and Cup Noodles that we, Indonesians, eat every time.

He is also the founder of one of the biggest food company called Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. By using this fact, we can consider him as a creative inventor and also a great businessman.

Momofuku Ando used his great creativity to solve its country’s problem. At that era of post-war, Japan faced a great problem of shortage in food supply. The Japanese government then took action to import bread from United States even though Japanese people are not familiar to that food. The government said that there were not enough noodles to fulfill all of the demand since the noodles companies’ capacity is still small. By seeing this phenomenon, Ando realized that he needs to take action. He believed a statement which is:

“Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat” – Momofuku Ando

The first instant noodles he invented is called Chikin Ramen in 1958.

I am touched by this believe that Ando shares to us. His creativity and invention has fed millions of life in the world, including Indonesia. In our country, the product of instant noodles is adapted by Indofood which produced Indomie. This product has been sold to so many countries around the world because it has competitive advantages such as cheap price, instant preparation, and delicious taste.

Fikri Hafidz Hasibuan | 19009023