Before establishing an opinion on who is the most creative firm in the world, I will make a base requirement for that. After thinking for while, the best requirement is that the company must conduct consistent continual innovation. And for that, I selected Google Inc. as the most creative company in the world.

There are so many reasons to prove it :D. First, I believe that you noticed the Google logo is usually changing when there are important dates or events. For instance, during the London Olympic 2012, the Google’s logo for search engine page was showing the Olympic theme. A team in the company that modify the logo is called Google Doodle. It consists of Michael Lopez, Ryan Germick, Susie Sahim, Jennifer Hom, serta Dennis Hwang. The purpose of their creativity is to create a search engine with more humanist interaction.

Second, Google is always encouraging its employees to conduct new innovative projects besides their primary job itself at Google. The company gives 20% of its employee to be creative and run their own project. The results are amazing. Many innovations are made by the 20% policy such as Google Spreadsheets, Google Art, and many more.

The other important and creative continual improvement conducted by Google is Google Map which is also closely related to Google Earth. In 2007, an improvement called Google Street View is added to the usage in the US and continuously introduced to the Europe and Asia Pacific. In my opinion, this creative improvement is very great because then people can see a real first-person visual looks of the street.

There are also many creative products launched by Google such as Google Body. It enables the user to search and view the comprehensive anatomy of human’s body.

Fikri Hafidz Hasibuan | 19009023