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According to me, the most important innovation in my life is the DIGITAL MEDIA.

First of all, I will try to explain what it is so that there will be no confusion :D. The digital media is a form of electronic media where the data is stored in a digital form. The opposite of the digital media is analog media. There are many digital media that comes from the analog ones such as digital video, digital recording, television, and many else. The conversion from analog signal to digital information via analog-digital transformation is called sampling.

There are so many end products of digital media that could satisfy modern human entertainment needs. Today we can very easily enjoy video, music, pictures, and games in High Definition because of the digital media development.  If the world still uses analog for this entertainment media, then the quality will not even meet the today’s media quality resulted by the digital media. Moreover, the digital technology is not just science. It is an artwork that has a high level of endless possibility for now and the future.

Not only had the entertainment, fields of education and professional also relied heavily on the digital media for the current situation. For instance, now it is difficult to see university lecturing without any slides for the material delivery. It is also very rare to see how professional workers can do their job tasks without using any digital office applications. These supports generated by the digital media can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of studying (for education) and also working (for professional).

Not only that, the digital media is supported significantly by the internet technology. It amplifies the use of digital media by inter-connecting the information from device to device very efficiently and quickly compared to traditional media. People now can send and download pictures, videos, or music just by the length of seconds by using the internet. Professional workers, such as them who work in multi-national company, now do not need to face each other for conducting a meeting. They just need set a camera and monitor to have a video conference and save so much transportation cost. The same advantages also come to education. Now people in remote area can learn and study by using video calling even though the teacher is teaching from a distant away in a city.

I do really hope that the development of digital media can bring more advantages forhuman life :D.

Fikri Hafidz Hasibuan | 19009023